Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequently asked questions and answers

This is the premier Twin Cities Asian community affair to discover and strengthen relationships between the contemporary, culturally proud consumer and business community. This is a wedding and events (birthday, party, shower, etc.) fair that will showcase a range of businesses that are Asian-owned, geared towards or have an affinity for the Asian community. Join us to discover and learn what these businesses have to offer you in your quest to find the perfect wedding or event vendor. 

The goals of the Fair are to:

  1. Serve as a platform for consumers and businesses to connect
  2. Give consumers the opportunity to discover businesses and services
  3. Enable businesses to expand their growth

Here are ten reasons you should participate:

  1. See HUNDREDS OF PROSPECTS in one day and in one location.
  2. Meet prospects IN PERSON. Nothing beats making a personal connection.
  3. Add a HUMAN TOUCH to reinforce your social marketing.
  4. Meet PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFICULT TO REACH with social marketing.
  5. Show THE PERSON behind the business to build trust.
  6. Generate NEW LEADS and book sales.
  7. INCENTIVIZE prospects with Fair specials.
  8. Get IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK on your products and services.
  9. NETWORK with people in the industry who can help grow your business.
  10. BUILD a community with like-minded professionals who are passionate about this industry.

In addition to providing basic information such as business name, contact info, etc., on the sign up page, these are the required documents:

We welcome all businesses who believe they provide products/services useful to the wedding and events scene. Examples: caterers, bakers, health & wellness instructors, dancing instructors, relationship coaches, officiants, event decorators. The list can go on.

Vendors do not need to be Asian, but the businesses need to be Asian-owned, geared towards or have an affinity for the Asian community.

$300 – corner 10’x10′ booth, (1) 8′ rectangular banquet table, (2) chairs

$250 – internal 10’x10′ booth, (1) 8 rectangular banquet table, (2) chairs

$150 – (1) 36″ width cocktail table in public area with no booth space (suitable for vendors with little/no merchandise to display and will have a contact person manning the table)

$75 – shared 2′ space on 8′ rectangular banquet table with no booth space (suitable for vendors who want to display/make available promotional products (business cards, pamphlets, fliers) but will not have a contact person manning the table)

Decorate your booth for a chance to win a free booth at the next AWE Fair!
*Only internal and corner booths are eligible for the Best Dressed Booth Contest

We encourage you to donate a product or service as a raffle prize as an additional means to promote your business, however this is not required.

Yes, you can book sales/reservations and sell products at the Fair.

No. You just need to be able to provide your products/services to consumers who need them in Minnesota.

The Fair is for the millennial generation–those who are Asian at heart, affirming their love for their culture, and also living in a modern day and age, and their allies and supporters. It’s for those who realize that to build up our community we must support our businesses.

No. The Fair is a platform for vendors to expand their growth. Get involved, get discovered, grow, and maybe one day you can be licensed should you wish.